How good are you at recognizing fake news? [Quiz]

Posted by Sam Mallikarjunan on May 6, 2015 9:47:50 AM

joe_fridayHere at Verytas, we're tackling the problems of misinformation and fact-checking online one at a time. One of the first challenges we're tackling is helping you recognize satire sites right in your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Click here to check out our version 1.0 Verytas app. Many of these sites walk a fine line between satire and intentional misinformation, with satire disclaimers hidden deep within their site (if they have them at all).

Think you're already pretty good at recognizing satire? We've put together a short quiz for you with a mix of true and fake stories. Given just a picture and a headline (which is often all you have in social media), can you pick out the true stories from the false?


How'd you do? Let us know in the comments along with suggestions for any other stories you think we should add to the quiz!

When you're done, install the Verytas Chrome extension. Even if you're pretty good at recognizing satire, we're going to be rolling out new features quickly that help you easily find all of the facts relevant to posts you see in social media that will be automatically updated in the extension.

If you don't have Chrome (you really should, it's a great browser) you can sign up for our Beta list and we'll keep you in the loop as we build new tools and features!

Click here to install the free Chrome extension

In case you were curious, click here to see the links to the original stories in the quiz (disclosure: some headlines were modified for the quiz to be less obnoxiously clickbaity):

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