Educate & Energize

Events and conferences are a valuable opportunity for people to connect and learn. They are not about you, the organizers, nor me, the speaker -- they’re about the attendees who invest time and money in their growth. So I encourage you to watch the video below (or next to or above, depending on how we design the page) with interviews from real attendees who have heard me speak.

Whether it’s a sophisticated audience of specialists or a general audience with only a passing familiarity in sales and marketing, I enjoy the challenge of exploring complex ideas in simple ways that connect with the attendees. If you’re looking for a knowledgeable speaker who won’t have the audience playing Pokemon GO while they wait, let’s chat.


caroly_payne.jpg“Sam has an innate ability to draw his audience in with performance metrics specifically geared to marketing and business development professionals. Sam used humor along with specific targets to show how marketing and sales “smarketing” drives business growth.” The audience was totally engaged, continuing to ask questions well after the session ended.”

-- Carol Payne, Vice President Communications & Marketing, California & Nevada Credit Union League


mia_perez.jpg “Sam Mallikarjunan was a superb panelist during our annual conference’s TechTalks general session. His insights challenged our audience and kept them in eager anticipation of more. Sam is well versed in consumer behaviors, digital landscape, and marketing technology. His out-of-industry perspective is exactly what we needed.”

-- Mia Perez, Conference Chair & Marketing/Business Development Council Executive Committee Vice Chair

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