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Educate & energize your audience with a knowledgeable speaker that won't make them snooze.

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Energize your team and drive real results with an effective plan to grow your business.

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Prepare students with a curriculum focused on frameworks for building modern growth engines.

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What my teams do

Market Creation


There was no demand for "inbound eCommerce" software in 2011. eComm marketers do PPC, SEO, and blast their entire list 3X/week with a coupon. I led the initiative to define what the methodology was, and re-train the minds of our market.


  • 22x Increase in incoming leads
  • 5x Reduction in customer churn
  • 200x increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • All for a market that didn’t even know they needed us.

Global Expansion


Global markets present both opportunities and challenges. Leading HubSpot's marketing expansion into Latin America, we had to create demand for a tool that powers a methodology few people were familiar with.


  • 100k blog subscribers
  • 15x lead flow
  • 58x increase in monthly recurring revenue
  • My team dominated the market

Product Growth


Growth can't always be scaled-up by a person talking to a person. At Labs, we designed, tested demand, built, and grew new products for our audience. My fully remote team stretched from Bali to Bucharest and included developers, designers, and marketers.


  • 15x month-over-month user growth
  • 160k+ members - the largest community in the industry
  • International team scaled up to create an industry-leading platform.

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